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Hypoallergenic Royal Alpaca KING Pillow covered Peruvian Pima Cotton 600-Tc, 4.4 Lbs, Thermo, Organic


Hypoallergenic Deluxe Royal Alpaca Pillows King-size fill in with 100% Royal Super Baby Alpaca fiber (19.0 to 19.5 microns),  4.40 Lbs – 2.1 kg recovered with Peruvian Pima Cotton 600-threads thermo linen. 54 x 95 cm. Only 1% as of all alpaca fiber can be classified as royal at 19.0 to 19.5 microns.#Thermo #Silky #Antimicrobial #Breathable #Softness

  • Pack-1: 1 Royal Alpaca Pillow
  • Pack-2: 2 Royal Alpaca Pillows
  • Pack-3: 3 Royal Alpaca Pillows
  • Pack-4: 4 Royal Alpaca Pillows

PRICE: USD 159.00 – USD 559.00

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Hypoallergenic Deluxe 100% Royal Super Baby Alpaca Pillows covered with Peruvian Pima cotton 600-threads thermo linen, 55 x 95 cm, Thermo, Silky, Organic, Vegab, No Smelly

100% Royal Alpaca fibe (19.0 to 19.5 microns) filling 4.49 Lbs – 2.1 kg, recovered with Peruvian Pima Cotton 600 threads thermo linen. Only 1% as of all alpaca fiber can be classified as Royal at 19.0 to 19.5 microns. Royal Alpaca fiber is the most demanding selection of the best alpaca fiber between both races (Suri and Huacaya) carried out by artisans who mastered ancient secrets to classify the finest fiber. Alpaca fibre has been considered a treasure of the Andes mountains for 6000 years. Softer than cashmere or angora, and warmer and lighter than wool, without prickle-factor. Free of bleach and pesticides, won’t trigger allergies – recommended case asthma condition. Naturally hypoallergenic. Peruvian Pima cotton is considered to be one of the finest blends of cotton with superior silkiness. Pima cotton is hypoallergenic, doesn’t irritate skin or cause allergies. Absorbs up to 27% times its own weight in water. Admired for its softness, sheen, and touch. Brilliant luster, and durability – highly resistant to piling. Thermo, Silky, Softness, Organic, Silkiness, Handmade, Odorless, Breathable, Allergy-free, No Smelly.


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