100% Peruvian Royal alpaca throw blanket 165 x 195 cm – 65″ X 78″ inches, 6.6 Lbs, Margarita-flower-crocheted-knitting, Natural Off-White Ivory-beige and Natural brown, No colorants, Natural Color. Thermo, Ultra Silky, Sustainable fibre, Organic, Vegan. Only 1% of all alpaca fiber can be classified as Royal (19.0 to 19.5 microns). Royal alpaca fiber is highly prized and has been considered a treasure of the Andes Mountains for 6000 years. Softer than cashmere with no itch of wool. Royal Alpaca fiber is a selection of the best alpaca fiber between both races (Suri and Huacaya) carried out by artisans who mastered ancient secrets to classify the finest, soft and warm fiber. Naturally hypoallergenic, resist odors better than other fiber – recommended case asthma condition. More lightweight than cashmere, but 4 times warmer than traditional sheep wool, alpaca wool is celebrated by the textile industry as one of the most eco-friendly, luxurious and high quality fibers. The alpaca is a socio-economic activity of importance to Andean populations. Alpacas are the only animals that can be used commercially in highlands because are adapted to places where forage is limited; besides weather conditions do not allow agriculture. Shearing is done through scissors where cut the fleece of the alpaca animal painlessly.

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